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I put this off last night because I got to bed at an.. ..extraordinarily late hour, even for me.

-Using the teleportation devices is getting easier, as long as I prepare myself for it. I imagine a sudden, unexpected jump will still give me a bout of motion sickness and confusion on my part.

-Doctor Harbor has discovered a way to this Sanctuary as well, and she aquired some sort of technology that she then modified into what I believe is a digital camera, I'm not sure. She named it 'Augustus'.

-On a related note, I believe she's left a register device there somewhere.

-People thus far continue to be polite.

-Agent Grey was able to project there, I'm not sure how, exactly.

-Times are obviously extraordinarily relative, we encountered a man from 'Tenth pass'.

-..There was also a Cthulu-type plushie that appeared, it bothered Doctor Harbor and latched onto Agent Sapien, I drove it off with a quick mystic-drawn Elder Sign on my notepad. Agent Sapien then bribed it with oreos, and it left us alone for the rest of the night.

-In a bit of experimenting, it turns out my aura is silvery grey. This has been added to my own aura notes file as well, to attempt to find what it all means exactly.

I will continue updates as they come.
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So, I stumbled across the Nexus in a similar manner as Agent Sapien.

In particular, the bar known as the Sanctuary.

Things I've noted in my observations:

It's chaotic, a cacophony of mystical noise that took me several minutes to adjust to. And this was in the stable area.

The people I've met so far have been friendly, helpful, and willing to apparently give me pizza. There was also a defense lawyer present.

I hate using the teleportation devices. They give me subtle bouts motion sickness, but until I find a way to make my own portals there, that's about the best I can do.

More on this as it comes.

--File Edited, Edited Contents Below--

Before I forget:

The teleportation device was made by 'Random Access Technologies', something to look into?

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