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Name:Maria Macrow
Birthdate:Jun 21
Website:The writer behind this madness
"Oh, sure." She waves the handgun about, no fingers on the trigger, "Hand the blind woman your gun. Real smart, there."
Real Name : Isis Maria Macrow
Aliases : Maria
Birthday : November 02, 1981
Age : 27
Height : 5'1"
Weight : 121lbs
Hair Color and Consistency : Black, long and straight.
Eye Color : Blue, technically blind. Does not see through conventional, physical sight.
Distinguishable Marks : No visible ones.
Race : Human, Caucasian

Appearance :

Maria Macrow is a shortish, curvy individual who commonly wears dark colored clothing for simplicity's sake. She also tends to wear dark glasses, or a black blindfold, depending on what she's doing. Her skin is darkish, being the type who tans easily.

Information :

Although she could see at a younger age, Maria Macrow lost her sight for reasons unknown as she got older. Around the age of ten, she couldn't see at all. At least, the way you and I do. You see, Miss Macrow has what we call an aurasight. The ability to mystically sense a person's aura when they're within a certain proximity of her. Trained further because of her sight loss, Isis can 'see' the auras of even nonliving things around her.

Or to put it in a slightly more scientific perspective, how the energies of the world flow through everything. She can see how energies interact, sense how they interact. Light, Darkness, chaos, order. So on and so forth. To control these energies, she needs a focus made of silver, usually found with the silver arm-bracer on her right arm.

Isis can also draw seals, and so forth to focus her spells.

Her disadvantages, however, are the fact that she only gets a person's general location as far as Aurasight goes. She wouldn't be able to aim a gun and shoot them, for example, as auras, by definition of what they are, are generally larger 'sensory'-wise than the person themselves, and attack spells generally need several seconds of preparation.

If she's in an unfamiliar area, or is teleported suddenly, she will be disoriented until her senses compensate.

Further Information

Other, non-mystical skills:

She can read and understand Braille, although she can't write well at all (seals are different, as she's using magic to guide these). She can 'read' magically imbued writing by virtue of her abilities, but she needs to be able to run her fingers over the lines of writing to tell. Otherwise, it's just paper to her.

Her hearing is a bit sensitive compared to the normal person as well. Maria is well versed on many different types of mythical magic and the occasional artifact inter-spaced within said knowledge. She can understand several magic-based languages, although she generally prefers to hear them rather than read them, in this case.

Personality :

Introverted and generally quiet, Maria is usually fairly to the point about many subjects. She does like to joke, having a bit of a fondness for puns and related. Maria prefers to read, spending her time in whatever room has the most books, tracing her fingers along the lines of the words.

She has a fondness for music, and occasionally likes to play the piano when the mood strikes her. Maria prefers to spend her time in the company of those she's most familiar with, as branching out with others isn't something she's always good at, even if she does at least try.

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