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* Abe_Sapien thinks. He thinks and thinks some more. One can probably hear it.*
* [Maria] isn't psychic, and is aware he's still there, fishyblue aura and all, "You're thinking about something."
<Abe_Sapien> ((Oh, no, wait, that's when his /mun/ thinks too hard....))
<Abe_Sapien> Hmmm. A lot of things, really, but. You haven't seen your aura?
* [Maria] shakes her head, shifting in her seat to at least be facing vaguely Abe-wards.
* Abe_Sapien looks as though he's trying a few times to put together what he wants to say. Not quite flimberting, but close.* Ah... hmm.
* [Maria] tilts her head, though, curious, "Why?"
<Abe_Sapien> It ... seems like something one should know. Like one's own reflection. A basis of comparison, of sorts, maybe.
<[Maria]> If there's a way to see it, none's occurred to me yet.
* Abe_Sapien has that 'how to put this' look again. Give him a moment, the thought's almost completely put together. >>.>>*
* [Maria] blinks
* [Maria] ..which is honestly about all she does at the moment, curious and patient.
<[Maria]> ((And her mun brb's))
<Abe_Sapien> I think I have an idea.
* [Maria] tilts her head again, "An idea?"
<Abe_Sapien> A few times before, I've been able to ... psychically show people what I see. I may be able to do the same for you.
<[Maria]> Except you don't have my aurasight, or would that...?
<Abe_Sapien> *still working this out mentally* I think I would... for the time, be able to see through yours.
* [Maria] folds her arms, thoughtful, "It's.. not like conventional sight--it doesn't go through my eyes, it just..." Vague gesture, "/Does/, really."
<Abe_Sapien> *nods* It's a concept I'm familiar with. *shrugs* Still, it was simply an idea.
<[Maria]> I'm willing to give it a shot, I'm just, er. Preemptively warning you of the possibly incoming headache that might result.
<Abe_Sapien> Hmmm. *ever so slightly amused* I think I've gotten used to them since coming here.
<[Maria]> ... True, this place is a bit of a headache within itself.
* Abe_Sapien makes his way over to where she's sitting. Clearly he's a 'no time like the present' sort of fish....*
<[Maria]> So. Er. *The inevitable awkward 'how exactly do we do this' sort of gesturing, albiet a bit blindly.*
* Abe_Sapien sits on the sofa. Ponders this. Hoboy. He gives a brisk sigh that makes his respirator bubble. He hasn't done this since.... Well, anyway.* I'll ... need your hand.
* [Maria] is nervous, it's -okay- to be nervous, right? She offers her hand, leaning forward on her other arm, not really sure where -his- hand is.
<Abe_Sapien> *She hears the probably recognizable sound of a glove being peeled off. After a moment, a cool hand finds hers, very carefully. At that point, everything she sees is doubled.*
* [Maria] it's a rush of sensation at -once-, probably for the both of them, as her extrasensory ability is suddenly launched through him. She tenses, suddenly, with a bit of a stifled, surprised sound. Abe sees a world not of physical objects and three dimensions, but colors and shapes of near formless energies. -Everything- is giving off this flow of energy. From the chair she's sitting in, to the glove he's removed. Just barely--and that's luck then, seeming to be the shape of the physical object in question. Abe may see himself through her aurasight, bright, aquatic blue, moving like a small sea of psychic power. Hers? Is a silvery balanced grey.
* [Maria] (..naturally)
* Abe_Sapien does give a slight, startled gasp, but goes still and quiet after that. He closes his eyes and several beats pass. Several beats and then... it's like a slow-blink. Closing one's eyes for just a moment and then seeing something else--she can see herself, now, the shimmering, silver-grey, its stability and balance.*
<[Maria]> W-whoa
<Abe_Sapien> *softly* You can see it?
<[Maria]> Yes -/Yes/- */Double/ emphasis, folks, you saw it here first*
* Abe_Sapien is just that good, it seems. >>.>>*
* [Maria] apparently. Although it's becoming overwhelming to see it twice, "A-abe, please--let go?"
<Abe_Sapien> Hm? Oh. *he does so.* ...sorry. Are you all right?
* [Maria] leans back, almost slumping back into the chair bonelessly, catching her breath, removing her glasses to rub at her face for a moment, "It--was a bit of a feedback on my end. I was sensing it all in duplex." She's smiling, though, "..But I saw it." A beat, "/And/, I /saw/. I saw the room we're in like--normal, for a second there, through your eyes."
* Abe_Sapien headtilts.* What was that like for you?
* [Maria] is trying to process it, put it to words. <s>And the mun's just going to say it in narrative, as he's resisting using the term 'fish-eye lens</s>
<Abe_Sapien> ((XD))
<[Maria]> ..A moment of everything in utter detail, like looking at things through a photograph or something years ago. I saw me, sitting in this ugly, paisly chair, a bit of the room behind me. *she hasn't put her glasses back on, although her eyes are closed, focusing on the memory of the flash of an instant* The brown wall behind me--all the doors, and the one with the big pumpkin on it in particular.
* [Maria] ..What? She has an attention for detail, and when you -haven't- in -so long-...
<Abe_Sapien> Hmmm.
* [Maria] slides her glasses back on, once more.
<Abe_Sapien> It's ... unique. Form, shape. Suggestion. Essence.
* [Maria] nods, "Now you see why I always touch chairs before I sit down in them." She says quietly, with an amused tone.
<Abe_Sapien> Mhm.
<Abe_Sapien> *softly* Still. It's beautiful...
<[Maria]> It is.
<[Maria]> I can see it, -feel- it.
<Abe_Sapien> Feel it...?
* [Maria] nods, raising her right hand, palm up, wristband clinking a little. The energies start to become visable to the normal eye, color swirling about above her hand for a moment before dissipating, "It's how my spells work"
* Abe_Sapien instinctively mirrors the gesture. Not a good idea, as the energies make him twitch his hand away after a beat. But he got an impression of it in that instant, anyway.* Oh.
* [Maria] needs the silver focus to manipulate the energy, it's no wonder it makes his hand twitch when he attempts. She lowers her hand, "You okay, though?" implying: no headache or anything?
<Abe_Sapien> *sigh. Bubbles!* I'll be all right.
* [Maria] tilts her head, "..Everything /else/ alright?"
<Abe_Sapien> *He pulls the glove back on, back to looking as inscrutable as always.* ...
* [Maria] can't read his facial expression, but, "..Abe?" The non-response leaves her confused, and she sounds it.
<Abe_Sapien> Hm? Oh, it's nothing. *hand-twirly gesture.* ... deja-vu, that's all. *Liiiiiiiiies.*
<[Maria]> ... If you're sure.
<Abe_Sapien> *There's a pause in which he might actually say something else, but he nods.* I'm sure.
* [Maria] <s>saw what you did there. ... So to speak.</s> "..That pause there makes you not sound so sure."
<Abe_Sapien> *another sigh.* There's... *tries again.* I'd only... looked at one other person's mind. Like this.
<[Maria]> ...Oh--*a beat* /Oh/.
<Abe_Sapien> It's pathetic, I know....
<[Maria]> ..I dunno, doesn't sound it to -me-, I guess.
<Abe_Sapien> *softly* Thank you. *shakes his head.* ... she's gone now, anyway....
* [Maria] , being blind, can't really do the whole 'not meet his eyes' thing, but it's implied by the tone of her voice, "..I, ah. Read the report."
<Abe_Sapien> ... *a stifled sound* ... I see. It's still there.
<[Maria]> ...Er. *Fiddle awkwardly with ponytail, taking hair down for something for her hands to -do-* ..sorry.
<Abe_Sapien> It isn't your fault, and ... really, anyone with a sense of ... completion of duty would have read it, I ... suppose.
Abe_Sapien> It ... was a while ago, anyway. *handwavey.* *Right. Three months is TOTALLY FOREVER AGO.*
* [Maria] suuuuure. She doesn't comment on the length of time, "Still. Er. Sorry for..." Inadvertently dragging it up? Or has it been on the surface this long?
<Abe_Sapien> *It had sort of been just under the surface. Everyone tells him all sorts of things, but never sits still long enough to listen to him, you see. ._.* It's all right, really.
* [Maria] pushes her glasses up to rub at her face again, and then yawns onna those big, catlike yawns, "Ooof."
<Abe_Sapien> Ah. Forgive me--I've kept you awake too long.
<[Maria]> It's fine. *Waves him off, pushing her glasses back up her nose when they drop. Her eyes are sort of a faded blue, for the moment they're seen, anyway* I tend to keep odd hours anyway.
<Abe_Sapien> Hmmm. Nine to five seems to be largely something that happens to other people, I've noticed.
<[Maria]> Well, I can get to reading or researching something, making a link, and... ..Three hours of my life. *snap* gone like that.
<Abe_Sapien> Hmmm. Wait until you've discovered wikipedia. *he's over there, gathering his things.* I'm sure they have a version that can be listened to, as it'd likely be unheard of for anyone to be spared.
* [Maria] stretches and makes sure everything's on her belt like its supposed to be, "But, anyway. I need to get to bed anyway." She touches her watch and blinks, "..When'd it get to be five thirty?"
<[Maria]> ((Rather: 'that late' instead of five thirty, since we're not in the same timezone XD;;))
<Abe_Sapien> Hm? You're right. *he yawns and that creates copious amounts of bubbles. Shut up, all of you out there, it is /not/ cute.*
* [Maria] alas, misses the cuteness, although she hears the bubbles, standing up and stretching a little again. She pulls the PINpoint off of her belt, "Goodnight, Abe." a quarter-beat, "..And for what it's worth, thanks." She smiles in his general direction, and PINs out to crash.
* Abe_Sapien will have plenty of time to answer her later. He finishes gathering his things and PINs out, himself.*

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